Montepulciano: 70% San Giovese: 30%

The search of a good quality in vineyard and in the cellar is the main purpose of this wine. The Ageing gives it vivacity, emphasizing amber shades and a velvety smoothness.



 Corvina Veronese: 70% Rondinella: 30% 

It is rich in alcohol, glycerin, very structured and powerful, but nevertheless elegant as to have no equal in the world. Can be stored for more than twenty years. 

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Rosso Piceno: 70% Rondinella: 30% 

The grapes grow in a vineyard with a north-south position 500 feet above sea level in hilly. Vinification is done through the Charmat method at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.



San Giovese 70% Montepulciano: 30% 

A large part of the quality of this wine depends on the variety, weather and the soil. The natural ecosystem in which the vines are grown,  gives the wine its character.

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 Vittorio Frescobaldi  brought  a new chapter in the history of great Tuscan wines and in the history of quality wines

Everything came from a desire to realize a dream: creating exceptional wines in the environment of an already particularly suitable terroir. An ambitious project, baptized Wine House.

Nothing would exist in nature without light.

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